A selection of projects involving graphic design, illustration and printmaking

Client: Poeliersbond
2020 | Identity design

Client: ICAF
International Community Arts Festival 2014 - 2017 & 2020 | graphic design, illustration & printmaking

Client: Studio de Bakkerij
Theatre | graphic design, typography design, illustration and website design

Client: Ja, Wol
graphic design & illustration

Client: RotterdamTheHague Airport
graphic design and illustration 

radio show ‘Opium op 4’ identity | graphic design and illustration

Client: AC Berkheimer
graphic design, illustration & printmaking

Client: Het Vreemdelingen Collectief 
graphic design & illustration 

Client: Poetry International
Illustration / installation

Client: TEMPS
graphic design, website design and illustration

Client: SKAR

Client: Soigneur | Fontanel
illustration & type

Client: Food Guerrilla
illustration & type